Train like a pro: A week in the life of Nicole Truxes

For Nicole Truxes, a professional triathlete from Tempe, Arizona, triathlon training is a way of life. The 23-year-old entered the world of triathlon during her freshman year at the University of Arizona. She wanted something to replace swimming since she wasn’t swimming at the college level.

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Truxes joined TriCats, U of A’s student triathlon club. Triathlon was the perfect fit, and Truxes was ultimately chosen for USA Triathlon’s College Recruitment Program after she graduated.

For Truxes, training is a full-time job. Here’s a snapshot of a typical week of training for Nicole:

Monday: Recovery Day
Tuesday: Swim with Sun Devil Masters, two-hour bike interval workout on trainer (36mi)
Wednesday: Swim with masters, one hour, 15 minute run at moderate endurance pace (10 mi)
Thursday: Swim with masters, one hour, 35-minute Group Ride (27 mi), 40 min easy run (5 mi)
Friday: Swim with masters, one hour, 10-minute run with 5 miles fast tempo (6:30-40 pace) (9 mi total)
Saturday: three-hour group bike ride (56 mi)
Sunday: two-hour bike interval workout (34 mi), 50-minute run off the bike, first 5 K tempo (6:40 pace), then 3 miles easy (6 miles total)
Total mileage for the week: Bike 143 miles, Run 30 miles
Truxes works with endurance coach Brian Grasky of Grasky Endurance Coaching to keep her training regimen consistent. Since not all of us can have a coach, Truxes also suggests joining a triathlon club to find training partners.
If you’re inspired by Nicole’s training, try a variation of one of her workouts for yourself!

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